About One Call Group Careers

Our Company Values

One Call Group is one of the fastest growing insurance brokers in the UK, and our abilities have not gone unnoticed by awarding organisations as we have received recognition from both the Fraud Awards and the Doncaster Chamber Award. Maintaining high quality customer service is of paramount importance to our business as we would be nothing without our customer base. That is why our mission statement is this:

“Ensuring good consumer outcomes are at the heart of our culture.”

The training of our new employees is based around this mission, we will always seek to instill the same values of great customer service into the new members of our workforce. Furthermore, to ensure that we maintain our high levels of customer service we encourage our employees to keep up with a set of core company values:

  • Building Trust – In order to build and keep trust with our customers we encourage our staff to always be open and honest, respect confidentiality and maintain active communication with the consumer.
  • Doing the Right Thing – We always like to make sure that our employees abide by this value by setting and maintaining high standards of service, providing help and support and caring in all that we do.
  • Taking Ownership – This value instils in our staff responsibility, accountability and leadership qualities – we are always seeking people who lead from the front, setting an example.
  • Delivering with Passion – One Call loves to have passionate employees on board; people with positive energy looking to succeed, an enthusiastic approach and active and positive engagement skills, connecting with people at all levels inside and outside of the company.
  • Continually Improving – In order to help our employees to better themselves and progress we want people who always try their hardest to get better each day, overcome barriers that confront them and continually challenge the status quo.